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Housing Education

Community Services Consortium works to provide the people we serve with the tools they need to build a foundation of safety and security for themselves and their families. That begins with a safe and stable home.

We recognize that we all have many demands on our pocketbooks that make it hard for us to pay the bills—never mind, save money. We also recognize that all of us desire stable housing, as a renter or homeowner. Having housing that we can count on makes life more manageable in all respects: We have a place to get ready for work or to apply for a job; we have a place to prepare more healthy, affordable meals for our children; we have the security of knowing that there is a place to get out of the weather; and we have a place that makes us self-reliant — we no longer have to rely on family or friends who may also be struggling.

Getting there takes planning, information and someone to help with the process. Community Services Consortium’s housing workshops are that support, assisting low- and moderate-income households with affordable housing needs in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties.

CSC Housing offers workshops for renters which help individuals and families start exploring how to build an excellent rental history, how to navigate the often confusing territory of home buying, and how to begin to save for tomorrow’s goals. Workshops are free and offered in Linn, Benton, and Lincoln counties.

For more information about Housing Education, contact:

Dina Eldridge

Housing and Energy Services
Phone: 541-928-6335, ext. 324; FAX: 541-967-9307

Energy Education Workshop

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